Whitney Houston to appear in her last onscreen role with Jordin Sparks

20 years on, and we say goodbye to Whitney Houston

It was Jordin Sparks' first movie role, and Whitney Houston's last, but 'Sparkle' promises to dazzle, revealing the final chapter of a fallen star.

At the world premiere of 'Sparkle' in Detroit this weekend, fans gathered to watch the stars on the red carpet attend Salim Akil's highly anticipated 60s drama. 'Sparkle' is a remake of the 1976 original film. Detroit music legends Aretha Franklin and Martha Reeves also attended the event.

It was in 1992 that Whitney Houston joined Kevin Costner in international hit 'The Bodyguard'. Earlier this year, Costner made a speech at her funeral that was met with praise from around the world.

On August 17th Whitney Houston's final journey commences in her role as Sparks' mother, Emma.

Sparkle Trailer

Synopsis : Three sisters from Harlem form a girl group in the late 50s. Sparkle (played by Jordin Sparks) struggles to make her dreams a reality as she balances a turbulent family life.
Genre : Musical

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