Kevin Costner and Clive Davis to speak at Whitney Houston funeral

Kevin Costner along with Clive Davis will speak this weekend at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin will also sing on Saturday, according to Houston’s rep.

After the tragic news broke out earlier this week that Houston had been found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, condolences from fans and friends poured in from around the world. The subsequent media frenzy that followed her sudden and tragic death boosted the Grammys ratings to their 2nd highest ever, which honored her career. Producers of the show scrambled within just 24 hours to radically alter the music industry’s most important annual event in Whitney Houston's honor.

Following the death of Whitney Houston, speculation mounted as to whether there had been any fowl play in her sudden death. None has been suspected but the circumstances surrounding her death are still unclear.

Kevin Costner, who starred in 1992 hit ‘The Bodyguard’ alongside Whitney Houston was invited to the funeral to speak. The actor’s onscreen performance with Houston was a box office smash around the world, and ‘The Bodyguard’ earned over $400 million in receipts.

Whitney Houston’s funeral will be held this Saturday at 12pm at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey.

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