Whitney Houston : One of the greatest singers of our generation

The sudden death of Whitney Houston is shocking and tragic for fans all over the world. The singer had one of the most incredible careers in the music industry and has passed away suddenly at the age of 48.

The circumstances of her death are unknown but it was reported that she died in her hotel suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after paramedics failed to ressucitate her. The timing of her death coincides on the eve of the Grammy Awards, where she was scheduled to attend a pre-awards party. The Beverly Hilton Hotel was already packed with reporters ahead of tonights ceremony.

Today, the drama at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is one of sorrow and while Houston’s family and friends were close and ready to celebrate with friends, this tragedy will echo long after the Grammys Awards show is over.

Whitney Houston had a unique voice, and her career, which went global in the early 90s went sky high. She also appeared in 1992 hit 'Bodygaurd' alongside Kevin Costner which featured many of her songs. She struggled with a messy divorce, and drug addiction in the 2000s. She later went on Oprah, a longtime supporter of Whitney, to announce her comeback, which fizzled. Critics were quick to pan her voice for sounding broken, and not the personality the world had witnessed back in the 90s. It is clear that a drug addiction and personal issues had an unbalancing effect on Whitney’s life. She had never fully regained the glory of her youth, and today we mourn one of our greatest icons.

Whitney Houston may you rest in peace...

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