Whitney Houston comeback in Detroit film 'Sparkle'?

Rumours, mixed messages and casting announcements can’t keep us away from the prospect of Whitney Houston appearing on screen once more.

Back in 1992, Houston starred opposite Kevin Costner as Rachel Marron in the acclaimed thriller/drama ‘The Bodyguard’ and brought movie soundtracks to a whole new level. Whitney Houston’s career took a nosedive in the mid 00s and her recovery has been shaky ever since. Her last notable appearance was in 1996’s ‘The Preacher’s Wife’. Dipping into drug abuse, the singer has badly scathed her reputation in the past, but ‘Sparkle’ could be just thing to ‘get her groove back’.

Whitney remains one of the greatest singers of all time, and rumors have it that she will play a gospel singer in the movie, and perform at least 2 songs. What does that mean? Well, the Motown-era remake (1976) could become a sensational comeback vehicle for Whitney, but more importantly; tell the story about Detroit’s music industry and how it became a global phenomenon. Despite the negative publicity surrounding the troubles of the city itself, Detroit is home to some of the most inspiring success stories in America.

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