Viral videos changing society and revealing the truth

The power of viral videos in the media is clearly changing the way we see our world, with transparency at the heart of this change.

LonelyGirl15 (Youtube)

Videos are more than ever showing ‘the truth’ thanks to technology such as smart phones with video cameras and handheld pocketcams. People from all backgrounds have used these videos to show unfolding events, uncover drama, or even highlight abuse within their own lives.

One such video that caught the attention of the world this week was a teacher who bullied a special needs student. Julio Artuz, aged 15 had to prove to his parents and the school that he was being verbally abused by his professor, and video was the key to unveiling the dark truth. Bullying is a major issue in society, especially for young kids, and video is helping to protect them from hidden abuses.

Filmmakers and music artists are also taking video with them, in video blogs, making how tos, low budget music videos and showing their own way of life. Just Look at what Rebecca Black achieved.

But what viral videos have really done is highlight the idea that ‘you cannot hide from wrongdoing’. It’s true that there is now a camera virtually on every street corner, in people’s pockets. You never know when someone’s going to catch you on camera, and with youtube, once it’s online, it’s practically there forever.

Transparency is really the only way forward in our web-fuelled world. There is so much connectivity that it’s almost impossible to ‘get away with it’. The more transparent and honest you are, the better it is but some might argue that takes away the liberty to be yourself. Well, I guess that’s something the world has to think about since digital privacy no longer exists. On the lighter side, why not take a look at how CNN's Anderson Cooper highlighted a viral video that become a web duel between show host and creator.

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