Youtube 'Prophet' takes on CNN's Anderson Cooper

Following Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist of last week dedicated to youtube's the '3rd Eagle Of The Apocalypse', it would seem now that the two have developed an 'internet feud'.

This week, Anderson Cooper re-dedicated his mini-show to William Tapley, or the so called '3rd Eagle Of the Apocalypse' and the 'Co-Prophet of the end times', who responded to him in a video and issued this statement.

When Anderson Cooper discovered the video, not only did he not comply with the message, but he added that Tapley would remain for a long time on his show. The 'Ridiculist', which highlights comical, and 'over the top' 'individuals' brings out the lighter side of the web, from discussion on viral topics to people with extreme, and often perceived as ridiculous. But within that, Cooper has managed to create an online following for the small series, which proves that controversy is highly debatable, and could spark some web fuelled viral discussion. Let's see how this develops.

Will William Tapley fire back with another video, take to twitter, or start an epic media campaign to the likes of Charlie Sheen vs Warner Bros?

Check out Anderson Cooper's response here

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