Rebecca Black Friday song has the Justin Bieber viral effect

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' viral music video on youtube has been watched over 26 million times, rivalling major artists like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Critics have bashed the young teen for what some have called 'The worst song of all time'. The comments have been so brutal, 80% of them have been flagged as spam on youtube.

Setting aside the 'talent' of her singing and the cheesy video itself, Rebecca has defied the odds to reach internet fame. Does she have the Justin Bieber factor? Perhaps its the cutesy Disney appeal that makes her a real charm in this epic video.

Whatever the reason for its success, Rebecca Black has already been interviewed by ABC, and Good Morning America. In addition to that, she  has a full album on the way. Companies would pay millions for this kind of publicity, something she achieved in a few short week.

All we can say is good for her, and despite the bad comments, they should not be viewed as a judgement on her.

Rebecca Black Friday Video



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