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Vin Diesel sails past 35 million fans on Facebook

Vin Diesel hits another high

Since the days of 'xXx', Vin Diesel has continued to excel in his career as an action star, and this month, he has amassed a loyal following of more than 35 million fans on Facebook alone.

Starring in such action thrill rides as 'The Chronicles of Riddick' through to 'Fast Five', Diesel has established himself as one of the world's biggest action stars. You could say he was the new Arnold Schwarzenegger of this generation.

His Facebook features mostly personal anecdotes and pictures of him on the set of his latest movies. There's a sense that he connects more personally to fans than other stars. He also shares fan art and talks about the progression of his career through video blogs. There are a lot of good qualities in this page that make him stand out, and fans have been connecting with him every step of the way.

Having attained 35 million fans, Diesel is preparing to promote his latest action flick, 'Fast and Furious 6'. Will we see some exclusive trailers and behind the scenes footage here first? You can count on it.

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