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Vin Diesel reflects - "There was a unique sense of completion"

Actor Vin Diesel has shared with his fans a still from the last scene that he shot with Paul Walker prior to his tragic death.
Diesel announced that 'Fast & Furious 7' would be completed and gave a precise date for the film's release: April 10th 2015.

The post has already received over 1 million likes and 100k+ shares. In light of Walker's recent death, producers of the film had put the production on halt to allow time for the cast, crew, family and friends of Paul Walker to grieve.

In 2013, Paul Walker became the biggest discussion trend in the entertainment industry following his death, which shocked the film industry.

It is not yet known how the production will go ahead without Paul, as the details of the delayed release date have only just come to light.

Universal has several options to salvage existing footage, make new edits and possibly re-write parts of the script, however this may not be sufficient to ensure the continuity of the film, and may require additional scenes without Paul.

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