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How they could re-shoot 'Fast & Furious 7' with Cody Walker

Paul Walker in 'Fast and Furious'

Paul Walker's younger brother, Cody Walker, may step in to complete 'Fast & Furious 7'. Aged 25, Cody Walker is a trained stuntman working in the US, but could step in to film missing scenes from the movie.

According to a report released in the Daily Mail, Cody Walker is being considered to fill in the missing holes in the 'Fast & Furious 7' production, as he looks quite similar to Paul. Despite being 15 years younger, producers may consider to use CGI to re-construct Paul's face while shooting additional shots with Cody as a stunt double.

It is not yet known whether Cody Walker would take over from Paul. Given that the 'Fast & Furious' crew are still making plans for completing the upcoming sequel, there are other options on the table.

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With Paul Walker's death, there are several ways the production could be completed, depending on the amount of scenes left to shoot without Paul.

Some of these options could include:

  • 1. Shoot silhouette, body shots of Cody and use Paul's recorded dialogue from previous takes while cutting back to other cast characters.
  • 2. Re-shoot scenes without Paul Walker that are not complete and either take out his lines, modify them with Cody as a stunt double, and work around the eye-lines with the current cast
  • 3. Go the CGI route and re-construct Paul at different stages of the production, using Cody as a double.
  • 4. Script re-writes that make Paul's character a smaller part of the story, whilst keeping in key scenes in the movie.
  • 5. Write Paul's death into the script as part of a new plot, that could then introduce Cody Walker as his brother..taking over

Universal have yet to confirm what the next step is for the production. We wait to see what happens next.

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