'Two and a Half Men' loses 5 million viewers

The 11th season of 'Two and a Half Men' has suffered a massive ratings drop while CBS announced this week that it would end the show after the 12th season.

Following Charlie Sheen's spectacular exit from 'Two and a Half Men', the show's new talent has struggled to match the ratings of previous seasons that consistently averaged 14 million viewers.

Nielsen compiled the viewing data which shows that the ratings for the 11th season plummeted to 9.1 million viewers on average, down from 13.2 million in the previous season.

In fact, during the Charlie Sheen era; the lowest season average was 13.9 million viewers which mean't that Sheen consistently scored higher than Ashton Kutcher during 8 consecutive seasons (if we exclude Sheen's demise at the start of episode 178).

Whether the fate of 'Two and a Half Men' could have turned out different with Charlie Sheen can only be speculated, but the last 4 seasons prior to Ashton Kutcher's arrival maintained a 14 million viewers average without a dramatic drop.

Should CBS bring Sheen back from the dead?

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