Calls for Netflix boycott after production deal with Obamas announced

Netflix today announced that it had signed a multi-year production deal with President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, however shortly after the announcement was made - critics attacked the move, pledging to boycott the service.

Netflix stated that it had entered a multi-year deal with the Obamas that would involve the production of films and a series. The streaming giant also went further to say that the agreement they signed would also cover “scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.”

The news was met with despair by critics of the President including Trump supporters and conservative voters urging subscribers to sever their connections to the company immediately and calling for a public boycott of Netflix - using the #BoycottNetflix hashtag on Twitter to rally support:

“Time To Boycott Netflix! It’s an inconvenience but we need to stand together and make a statement.”

“#BoycottNetflix They are harboring & funding known criminals & there is NO EXCUSE for any patriot to support this corrupt company!”

“Knowing that the #DeepState and #Corrupt Obama's have found yet another way to indoctrinate the American ppl by controlling what we watch guarantees my family WILL #BoycottNetflix and cancel our subscription today! We can't #MAGA without some sacrifice & effort! #BoycottNetflix”

Despite the backlash for the announcement, the Netflix deal could have wide appeal with international audiences and with the Obamas' liberal base at home.

When President Obama left office, his worldwide approval rating peaked at 76% - with high approval in Europe and particularly, South Korea.

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