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The 8 cool things about Miley Cyrus that make her shine


Great things about Miley

For all the controversy that surrounds Miley Cyrus, there are some great, positive things about the singer that are often missed by the media. In fact, a lot of the noise out there tends to drown out the good things about her, which I want to highlight below.

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However, before I get to Miley's coolness, I just want to point out that, even though some of you might not like what she does, what she says, or represents, you have to admit, she's done a pretty good job of being herself : and that's what counts above-all-else.

The 8 cool things about Miley

1. Free

She is free to say what she likes, feels or wants. She doesn't self-censor her words for the sake of PR. There is no artificiality in what she conveys when she's interviewed.

2. Rule Breaker

Miley has broken the rules. She's edgy, she intrigues, and by challenging the 'status-quo' she actually proves that there's more to life than just the strictness of 'solid rules'. This gives people incentive to challenge themselves, and do new things.

3. Not afraid of criticism

Miley is constantly criticized in the media. Not everything said about her is bad, but a lot of gossip sites focus on the negative..when really, they should consider what value that brings to their readers : Not much, and what value Miley's ideas and creativity brings : A lot!

4. Her pics are real

From what I can tell, Miley doesn't photoshop herself before tweeting pics. There is no manufactured Miley, and that shows how she's in control of herself, not a PR team / manager doing all the work.

5. Tells it like it is

Why rehearse something for other people when being yourself is the best thing to do? She's one of the most transparent artists, and that's a plus as a role model.

6. Highlights and promotes fun projects

Just this week Miley gave a shout out for the 'Free the Nipples' campaign. It raised a lot of awareness for a group of filmmakers trying to make a difference in NYC, and that's just one of the great projects she recently supported.

7. She gives advice to her fans

This is something that's overlooked. If you check out Miley's tweets for example, you'll see that quite often, she'll send out some cool tips, or just a nice anecdote. It really counts.

8. Focused

There are plenty of distractions being at the top of your game, but Miley manages to focus her energy on what matters. She sticks to her art, and continues to evolve as an artist.

Well that's about it for now, but I wanted to make you guys aware that, there's more to Miley than meets the eye (cheesy I know, but you catch my drift)

Merry Christmas Miley..

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