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Miley Cyrus flashes her nipples to support filmmaker Lina Esco


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Miley Cyrus has come to the aid of filmmaker Lina Esco by flashing her nipples and posting a pic via her Twitter page in support of her project.

Following the Jingle Ball concert, Miley Cyrus decided to send some boob love to 'Free the Nipple' director Lana Esco, who is currently raising money to help promote her film with a theatrical release.

'Free The Nipple' highlights a group of topless women who have defied strict legislation to raise awareness about "backward censorship".

In Lina's fundraising page, she tells her potential investors :

"My dream is that this movie will help change the ridiculous censorship laws in this country by inspiring new laws to de-criminalize the female body."

Free The Nipple - Public event

Public nudity has been a contentious issue in the US but over in Europe, in places such as France the laws are far more relaxed. When celebrities travel to the Cannes Film Festival for example, they can lie on the beach nude, without fear (except from overzealous paparazzi).

This is the first time we've seen a celebrity use her assets to back a film project being crowd-funded online. Hopefully, this Christmas gesture, will give this film an added boost. What a nice thing for Miley to do. Best of luck to the team behind this project!

Miley Cyrus Nipple endorsement

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