Televised Rides: The Best Cars of TV

Every iconic TV show has a signature car. It's an unwritten rule that television execs abide by and viewers demand. When choosing the best cars of TV for this article, we've avoided the obvious choices like The General Lee, KITTand the Batmobile to make way for other automotive excellence on the small screen. These vehicles are five of the most recognizable rides on TV.

1967 Chevy Impala Supernatural

When Sam and Dean Winchester aren't ending the lives of yellow-eyed demons, shapeshifters and assorted creatures of the night, they're trekking cross country in a 67 Chevy Impala listening to Kansas or Led Zeppelin. Equipped with a V8 327 4-barrel engine, discount BF Goodrich tires and a trunk full of supernatural-slaughtering weaponry, the Impala is the brothers' primary tool in their hunting crusade. Being the nomads they are, it also acts as their only permanent home. We can't imagine what the Impala's speedometer readsthe money Sam and Dean spend on gas must be astronomical.

1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser That 70s Show

Upon receiving the Aztec Gold 1969 Oldsmobile Vista cruiser from his father, Eric Forman aptly responded with one word: bitchin'. When the teens weren't sitting in the basement circle or hanging out at the water tower, they were singing inside the cruiser (at least in the opening credits). When That 70s Show ended its run, Wilmer Valderrama (aka Fez) bought the car for a reported $500.

The Family Sedan The Simpsons

Homer Simpson has driven this pink sedan since the long-running cartoon's inception. Despite being subject to relentless abuse and Bart's repeated skateboard bops across the roof, the pink sedan continues to transport TV's favorite yellow family through Springfield and beyond. Though never officially declared, the Simpsons' family sedan is rumored to be a 1973 Plymouth Valiant (with the exception of the movie and in the old intro). Even though the sedan has taken a trip to the mechanic more times that we can count, Homer has yet to have that bent radio antenna fixed.

The Mystery Machine - Scooby Doo

Once the groovy Mystery Machine rolled into town, faux ghosts and ghouls never stood a chance. Featuring a psychedelic paint job, the Mystery Machine transported the quartet of meddling teen detectives, a talking Great Dane and a lifetime supply of Scooby snacks across the country to solve everyone's fake monster mysteries.

1973 Chevrolet El Camino SS My Name is Earl

Former petty thief, Earl Jehoshaphat Hickey, seemingly tries to make his slapdash Chevy El Camino as unattractive as possible. The (mostly) 73 Camino fits snugly into Earl's archetypal trailer-trash lifestyle. The beat-up red car's hood is coated in primer and the sky blue driver's door was ripped from another model. Its red, white and blue is patriotic in the way that only Earl could unintentionally accomplish.

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