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Surge in online film courses set to reduce the price of education

The growth in online film education is disrupting the traditional business model of film schools and universities by providing the next generation of filmmakers with classes at a fraction of the price.

Online courses have become increasingly popular because they provide students with access to knowledge on the go and anywhere in the world, whereas before they would have had to sign up to a class or degree program, sometimes with an annual price tag in excess of $20,000.

Earlier this year, a new startup called Masterclass launched a disruptive new online course where people could learn acting from Dustin Hoffman. The Hollywood icon is the first to have delved into the e-learning business, providing a structured video course for students at just $90. The actor also participates in live Q and As with people enrolled in the program essentially creating a 'virtual instructor' relationship within the class.

Other websites and some film schools have started to embrace this shift, launching their own online programs. Professors have also begun to offer bespoke courses as well as professionals who are in the industry to help others learn certain skills from cinematography to acting, and viral marketing.

On Udemy, some of the most popular courses have thousands of students enrolled in their programs. You can see from the list below some of the most successful classes and what they offer.

For students and professionals alike, there is a great opportunity in today’s emerging e-learning market to look at complementary online courses in a wide range of industries.

While there is no substitute for practical hands-on experience you get at film school, the micro-education, online course model could be the ideal approach for people looking to hone certain skills or wanting to get a taste of a profession without making a huge investment.

You can check out some of the most popular online courses to see what kind of programs are available and our tutorial section for a host of free guides on filmmaking.

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