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Learn acting with Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman

2x Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman is for the first time revealing his acting secrets to the next generation of actors in a video classroom setting that will re-shape film education for years to come.

Actors of all ages wanting to learn technique from one of the greatest performers of our time are being given the ultimate MasterClass taught and prepared by actor Dustin Hoffman himself.

MasterClass, a new technology startup in San Francisco is bringing actors around the world the opportunity to learn from the best in the business, where they can also get feedback from the stars during the year.

Launched just a week ago, MasterClass is available to anyone with an internet connection and a passion to learn. The full course with Hoffman is only $90 and students are provided with complete access to a video library of comprehensive lessons including step-by-step guides, set assignments and in-depth reading materials.

Hoffman's MasterClass covers working with a co-star, his method, how to relate to characters, how to set yourself apart in auditions and much more. Actors also have unlimited access to online video tutorials whenever it suits them.

Starring in films such as, "The Graduate", "Rain Man," and "Kramer vs Kramer," Hoffman's ability to captivate audiences, and connect with them through diverse characters has made him one of the most versatile actors with a remarkable career dating back to the '60s.

Dustin Hoffman teaches acting

Actors wanting to share their scene work with Dustin Hoffman can enrol in the course and submit their work to him for review. On June 2nd Hoffman held a live Q and A with acting students on the platform and gave them feedback to help them craft their performances and prepare them for a professional career.

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