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Star Wars vs Star Trek. Will the movie ever happen?

If Batman is to take on Superman, surely the Star Trek enterprise will battle with the Death Star?

We've seen over the past few years a surge in superhero movies and successful sci-fi blockbusters, but will the epic Star Wars and Star Trek franchises ever join forces (or fight each other)?

One can only imagine that such a film would be so far fetched it would literally be a parody of the film industry itself. However, if we look back at the success of 'The Avengers', and the continuation of the Spider-man franchise, all over again, surely this uncharted territory could be the kind of escapism we've been looking for?

How ridiculous and cool would it be to see a fleet of Star Trek ships join forces with X-wing starfighters to take on the combined force of the Borg collective and Darth Vader's unbeatable Death Star? Or, perhaps even more absurd, Star Trek ships fighting Star Wars ships in an epic battle? Mind you, it would make more sense if the good sides of each franchise teamed up together to face common enemies (you know, so that no Trekkie or Star Warsaholic is offended by the possibility of losing).

Star Trek trailer

Franchises have become the benchmark of the film industry and audiences love a thrill, even if it is so over-the-top. Would it be so shameful to have both franchises combined into a one-off movie? Couldn't there be some kind of inter-dimensional shift that puts both space realties into one? (I'm literally writing the script here).

Star Wars trailer

The sheer bravado of such a project would undoubtedly create the biggest hype for a movie in history, but perhaps both sides are too afraid to make that link.

With Disney's upcoming 'Star Wars 7' and Paramount's 'Star Trek 3' slated for 2015, and 2016 respectively, we're not exactly there yet, but don't rule it out.

As I predicted George Lucas would eventually hand over the Star Wars franchise back in 2011, history might prove me right with these two leviathans teaming up. It would certainly be a movie for the record books. 'Avatar' is a small beast compared to this one, but we'll have to wait and see whether there's enough bravery in the industry to make such a project happen. All I can say is, who wouldn't be entertained by this? It's a box office hit already!

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