Star Wars movie reboot possible?

The epic long saga of Star Wars continues till this day with no end in sight, from computer games to conventions, re-runs and 'Lego Star Wars'. However, after seeing the many re-boots of franchises, and movie sequels at the box office today, could we not see a new Star Wars movie in the not too distant future?

Star Wars 'Clone Wars' Poster

Of course, without George Lucas' blessing, no Star Wars movie can or should be made (unless it's a fan film) With so many movies coming out, and so much 're-starting' going on, it doesn't seem unrealistic to ask why not have a new Star Wars outing? Even though Lucas has remained consistent about the fact the Star Wars movie franchise was always going to be those 6 movies, look at what happened to the star Trek universe.

Star Trek vs Star Wars

When 'Star Trek' came out in 2009, it changed everything. J.J Abrams brought the best elements of all the Star Trek series and gave new life to the franchise. That new momentum didn't dishonour the previous movies, or shun die-hard fans. Most Trekkies embraced the shift, and the hype for 'Star Trek 2' is immense.

If there were to be a new Star Wars movie, would it take place in the distant future, or in the prequel phase? There are so many possibilities, and with the magic of imagination, who knows what we could see in Star Wars 7?

Sci-fi fans would flock to any new Star Wars movie, and it is pretty much guaranteed a huge opening and long lifeline with merchandising and all that extra profit making for studios. With 3D and various other technologies, could we not envisage some kind of special Star Wars movie for the Avatar generation? Nothing is impossible, and I hope Lucas will one day decide to take another look at history and see how he can inspire the next generation of sci-fi audiences.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer

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