Sony Pictures cyber attack could be North Korea 'retaliation'

The unprecedented cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment may be the work of North Korea in retaliation for 'The Interview', which mocks leader Kim-Jong-Un.

Coming out on Christmas day, 'The Interview', starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has been hotly debated, but the recent hack attack against Sony Pictures has led to the possibility that a group known as 'Guardians of Peace', may be in fact working on behalf of the North Korean government.

The crippling attack against Sony has exposed medical records, salaries, social security numbers, memos, emails, unreleased scripts, performance evaluations and more, in what could be considered the worst ever cyber attack on a corporation in U.S. history.

An F.B.I investigation is currently underway after the Hollywood studio had to get its employees to use paper and pen instead of their workstations following the attack.

It is unclear whether an individual state sponsored the attack but due to the timing of 'The Interview' being released this month, and North Korea not denying that they were responsible, analysts are suggesting that this could be the work of the regime. The attack is also similar to a cyber hack in South Korea last year against TV stations which involved similar tactics.

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