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North Korea promises war if 'the interview' starring James Franco is released

North Korea has threatened war with the United States if a movie produced by Sony Pictures starring James Franco is released later this year.

The film entitled 'The Interview' sees Seth Rogen and James Franco playing celebrity journalists in an action comedy setting where they are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. The teaser trailer includes some puns about Kim Jong-Un's 'special powers' while we get to see a montage of over-the-top shooting, missiles being fired and a random scene where there's a helicopter firing against a North Korean tank (for some reason).

The Interview trailer

According to the BBC, North Korea's foreign ministry spokesman issued the threat saying that it would be interpreted as an 'act of war.'

Despite the statement it is unclear whether the film's release will be delayed given the serious unpredictability of the North Korean Regime, which regularly attacks the US via state media.

While the film doesn't focus on North Korea's new leader, the story could infuriate the current regime given that it shatters their carefully controlled image and focuses on Kim Jong-Un being a fan of an American talk show "Skylark Tonight."

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