Video sharing site Dailymotion suffers massive data breach

85 million Dailymotion accounts have been hacked along with up to 18 million passwords affecting users worldwide.

Currently ranked in the top 150 most popular sites, Dailymotion was launched in 2005 and had been recently acquired by media group Vivendi. According to the BBC, the hack occurred on October 20th but only came to light today which raises further questions on why users were not informed earlier about the data breach.

An email sent out today from Dailymotion urges users as well as publishing partners to log on to their accounts and change their passwords. The company also reiterated this in a blog post.

Information about the Dailymotion accounts was reportedly uploaded online revealing emails, passwords and usernames. This poses further risk to other platforms where information from the data breach could be used on services like Google, Facebook and Apple’s iCloud where users have the same email addresses and passwords.

Dailymotion was also attacked in the summer and a malicious code injected into its website where users’ browsers inadvertently downloaded a virus that generated fake impressions for ‘hijacked’ web ads.

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