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Sarah will be remembered for bringing the film industry together

To the delight of the film industry, the Academy last night made an iconic reference to Sarah Jones just after Bette Midler's performance, displaying her name in front of the audience on the telecast. Today, Sarah was also featured on the front page of the Oscars official website, which gave a special mention to her, and showed how the Academy had listened to the feedback from the industry.

Thanks to the 'Slates for Sarah' movement, a viral petition that gained 60,000+ signatures, and a flood of heartwarming pictures from around the world, the film industry came together like never before.

Prior to the Oscars ceremony, Film Industry Network received an overwhelming response from members sending slates, pictures, positive notes and stories from film sets with people talking about how they had been touched by the movement and what it had meant to them.

It was clear as we approached the Oscars that the whole industry was part of this, and it was important for us to be able to recognize and honor Sarah in that respectful way, among with the other fine talents that we tragically lost this past year.

The outcome of this has shown that filmmaking is like being part of a family. No one is more or less important than anyone else, and being able to make films in a positive and safe environment should be the focus of our industry. Everyone has a role to play, and of course, we all have that opportunity to make it big, but we can't forget about the hard work of film crews and how they bring the creativity together.

I hope that we can now move forward on making new standards and practices for filmmaking to make on-set safety a priority. Filmmakers over in the UK will be particularly eager to see more focus on this given a near tragic accident that occurred late last year which FIN members responded to with an open letter.

We share a common goal and want safer working environments that protect people on film sets along with the credit and respect they deserve. Let's get the ball rolling and thanks to everyone who made this journey possible, and all my best wishes to the family and friends of Sarah and to everyone who supported this.

She has without a doubt, brought us much closer together.

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