Dustin Hoffman sends in his slate for Sarah before the Oscars


Hoffman honors Sarah

Actor Dustin Hoffman has joined the film industry in remembering Sarah Elizabeth Jones, a camera assistant who was tragically killed in Georgia on the set of 'Midnight Rider'.

The Hollywood legend sent in his slate a short while ago to commemorate Sarah as the industry approaches the Academy Awards later today.

Film Industry Network has received overwhelming support from members around the world who are eager to see a tribute to Sarah made today at the Oscars.

Hoffman and many other crews around the US and abroad have been sending in their slates which you can see below.

Thanks to this movement the industry is now looking at ways to improve film set safety, which will be vital for the future of all productions after this tragic accident.

In the UK, filmmakers are also seeking the support of their government to improve the working conditions of people in the film industry, something which we highlighted and urged in an open letter to the film industry.

As we await the Academy Awards, we can only hope that Sarah will be remembered so that the film industry can recognize the importance of film safety and the valuable work that all crew members carry out to make films happen.




CORRECTION : An incorrect movie title cited in this article was changed.

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