President Obama wins re-election : A Hollywood victory

Hollywood has sealed another 4 years

Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States and thanks to a massive push by Hollywood heavyweights, campaigning has come to a successful conclusion.

We've seen for the past few months some exceptional fundraising from both Republican and Democrat supporters.

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For Barack Obama, Hollywood has been the lifeblood of his 'media campaign'. From George Clooney's fundraising efforts to Jay Z's performing, every major name in entertainment has been involved in this election. Millions have been raised thanks to Hollywood support, and that has helped extend Obama's message to voters of all ages and demographics.

At the start of the campaign, the Republican DNC started a frenzy of humor after Clint Eastwood delivered a gauntlet of laughs with his one-on-one dialogue with an empty chair. Then the Big-Bird movement was born adding even more ridicule and debate. Saving Sesame Street became a 'national priority', and celebrities turned up the heat on election issues.

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Women played a major role in this election, and celebrity campaigners for Obama really made a big effort to push this which will have likely helped the President's foothold in key states.

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We now await the closing speeches of Romney and Obama and wish the two a very good night's sleep.

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