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Eva Longoria without a doubt the most brilliant campaigner

Eva Longoria has been campaigning non-stop 24/7 for the President, and continues to do so with superb energy and commitment.

There have been many celebrity campaigners for both parties, but none have been more vocal, more active, and more passionate than Eva Longoria. That's not to say that other stars aren't making a difference. I've seen some incredible work across the political spectrum, but Longoria has stood out in my view, for several reasons.

From her speeches to her tweeting, Longoria has managed to gain significant media coverage for the President through events, her personal opinions, and her interaction with fans online. Twitter has been central to this, and with her 4+ million followers, it's easy to see why this would be a valuable tool in the campaign agenda. It has also allowed journalists and bloggers alike to keep track of her movements which helps people like me stay up-to-date on what she's doing. It's exciting!

Longoria has ensured that her views on women issues in America have been heard and felt by others across the country. Her advocacy has also been notably 'loud' thanks to her continous efforts to engage people, to motivate them, and to inform them of Obama's policies in comparison to those of Mitt Romney

What else can I say? She has been the most pro-active supporter out there. Well done! Let's see if Clint Eastwood can make a comeback for Romney..Will he shout at a desk instead of a chair this time?

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