Going viral : Big Bird hunted by Mitt Romney in a WW2 fighter plane video

Big Bird from Sesame Street

Mitt Romney announced he would axe federal subsidies for PBS if he became President, and characters like Big Bird from Sesame Street are now in the 'firing line'.

A movement to save Big Bird from potential cuts at PBS has caused a political stir, despite Romney publicly admitting that he "likes Big Bird". However, that hasn't stopped thousands of bloggers, news agencies and Sesame Street fans speaking out and defending their furry friend from annihilation.

The Conan O'Brien Show released a funny video this week to illustrate just how bad it was going to get for Big Bird with Romney in power. In actual fact, the proposed cuts to PBS would have little impact on the funding of the show, but other PBS programs, and distribution would be affected without subsidies.

This comedy video capitalizes on the humor of Romney's 'evil intentions', as he seeks to take out Big Bird all together. Check out this funny, over-the-top interpretation of Big Bird's last minute on earth. You will find the video plays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'North By Northwest', in some of the swooping 'evil' shots.

Big Bird chased by Mitt Romney video

Can Obama save Big Bird from extinction?

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