Netflix announces suspension of House of Cards production


Netflix has halted the production of "House of Cards" following a statement released by the company today.

With season six of “House of Cards” set to be the last in the popular drama series starring Kevin Spacey as President Underwood, the latest update on the production could delay the release of the final season indefinitely.

Issuing a joint statement with its production partner, Netflix announced that it would be “reviewing the current situation” while discussing any concerns with cast and crew before moving ahead with filming.

Netflix had planned to announce that season six would be the last however recent scandals in Hollywood have had a disruptive effect on productions since a New York Times article revealed alleged abuses by film producer Harvey Weinstein over a number of years, who is currently facing several investigations.

While suspension of the current season may bring a premature end to “House of Cards,” producers have yet to confirm whether the last season will be cancelled completely or delayed with potential cast or storyline changes.

In a series of tweets, Netflix confirmed that it would be discussing things “on set this week.” Further updates regarding the future of the series are expected to be revealed in the coming days.

Since 2013, “House of Cards” has been nominated for nearly 200 awards, receiving a 9/10 on IMDB from audiences and is considered one of the best drama series of the last decade. It has also won 2 Golden Globes and a host of Primetime Emmy Awards. Its cast includes Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, and Derek Cecil.

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