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Michael Moore admits he's now showing 'American Sniper'

Michael Moore has issued an open letter on Facebook in response to the national backlash over his comments regarding snipers.

In his latest post, the filmmaker claims that he has programmed screenings for 'American Sniper' at a local theater he helped restore in Manistee, MI.

The director also said that he wasn't a 'censor' and that he had tried to, "Save more lives than a sniper ever could," in reference to his activism leading up the the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

American Sniper Trailer

"I have an aggressive affirmative action policy specifically to hire Iraq and Afghanistan veterans at my film production company, my movie theaters in Michigan and my film festival. I have asked other businesses in my town (and nationwide) to join with me on this."

Moore has faced an angry response to comments he made on Twitter last week regarding a reference about snipers, "being cowards," however he highlighted that his words had been misquoted and that he was a supporter of American troops.

It is not certain if Moore will be able to convince people that he generally supports American soldiers after he received scathing responses from marines, snipers and even Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

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