Film Director Michael Moore : "Snipers aren't heroes"

Michael Moore has decided that he doesn't like snipers and that everyone should know he thinks they'll "shoot you in the back."

The controversial director has drawn fire for his "trolling" after 'American Sniper' became an overnight box office success and other celebs and military figures have responded.

Moore's anti-gun stance and somewhat anti-American rhetoric was quickly dismissed by political figures and even forced a US sniper to publicly issue a response : "A lot of my friends died for his freedom."

'American Sniper', based on U.S Navy Seal Chris Kyle, has broken all box office records for a January release and could be one of the highest grossing films of the year.

With huge attendances nationwide, the fascination over America's most lethal sniper continues to stun studio execs who were anticipating a significantly smaller theatrical debut.

Michael's Moore's comments have been badly received, but it looks like his efforts may have boosted the film's profile instead of silencing it.

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