15 months later, Matt Damon is still apologizing for being “too white”


Matt Damon continues to face criticism ahead of the release of “The Great Wall” 15 months after his Project Greenlight comments changed the actor’s public image.

After being accused of “mansplaining” diversity to an African-American filmmaker on Project Greenlight last year, the actor has faced even more harsh criticism for being cast in “The Great Wall,” with people accusing him of stealing the role of a character that should have been played by an Asian actor in Zhang Yimou’s upcoming epic.

The film's director has also gone to great lengths to defend Damon's casting and the cultural bonds shared between China and America. So far, the film has not received the same kind of scrutiny in mainland China.

Damon admitted that his earlier diversity comments were a “really insensitive thing to say,” but he maintained that the Project Greenlight promo had been cut to remove the context of his original reply.

However the backlash over his role in “The Great Wall” has remained constant throughout the promotion of the new film. The actor recently made clear that the role was not stolen from another actor and that the whitewashing controversy surrounding the film had been manufactured by media clickbait.

"The Great Wall" will be released in China December 16, and nationwide in the US next February.