Distribute press release

Distribute press release


Distribute a press release


Get your press release distributed through Film Industry Network. (US, UK & International)

1 day delivery

Get your press release distributed on Film Industry Network

Distribute your press release on Film Industry Network and reach content creators, industry executives and entertainment professionals with your news. Whether you have a company announcement, new product launch, a film release, a music video, festival screening, an event or a casting update, you can distribute your release to our regional or international publications using this service in one click.

Your press release will also be syndicated automatically through popular news apps including News 360, Anews, Feedly, Sony Socialife and indexed in Google News, increasing the reach of your news. Releases will also appear in our Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin feeds.

Add ons include an analytics report that will give you a breakdown of statistics including demographics, views, gender, location and much more. You can also order additional targeted views on your press release to target a niche audience or specific group of people in a city, region or country.

To get started, simply order below and a publicity assistant will follow up with you to get your release out into the media. Please note that we do not accept gambling, tobacco related announcements at this time. (request free sample)


Distribute a press release (US or UK + International)


Distribute your press release on Film Industry Network. (US & International)

1 day delivery

Analytics report


A full breakdown of statistics of your press release in a single pdf report.

7 days delivery

Boost viewership Premium


4000 high quality targeted views on your press release.

4 days delivery


What happens when I order?

Once you place your order with us, a publicity advisor will contact you and you will be able to submit your release to us along with any accompanying images. It will then be reviewed by our editorial team before it is published to ensure it gets the best engagement and scheduled to go live at a time that suits you.

Where will my press release appear?

It will appear on the Film Industry Network website in one of our dedicated news sections depending on your release category (entertainment, tech, film, opinion, music) as well as news apps that automatically include our news.

What can I include in the press release?

You can provide us with any information you want included in text form (word or pdf document is accepted). This will be reviewed by our editors.

Will I get an analytics report breakdown?

Only if you select the add-on as the standalone press release option does not include a report.

What are the views I will get if I order the 'Boost viewership' options?

You will get highly targeted real visitors on your press release and will be able to select demographics, city and region. A publicity advisor will work with you to promote your press release if you choose either viewership option. (no bots)

What if I want to get more views than the options you have?

You can simply re-order the viewership options on this page. Please contact your publicity advisor if you need any guidance.

What's the difference between the US + International, UK and France options?

If selecting our US and international distribution, your press release will appear in Google News US and feature on our main website news feed. If choosing UK only, your press release will appear in Google News UK, and in our UK website news feed. If choosing France, your press release will be distributed to our French publication only. Please note that for France only, this does not include Google News France, however we offer a free translation for your release from English to French (France is a French language publication only).

How long does the press release remain online?

We guarantee a 1-year period of indexation on our website. It will be viewable in our news feeds.

Can I add any links in the press release?

Yes, you can add 2 links to an external website.

Will you notify me once my order is complete?

Yes. You will be provided with a link to your article, and feedback on viewership totals if you select the 'Boost viewership' options / or analytics report add-on.

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