Kristen Stewart earns double Tom Cruise's salary


Tom Cruise earned just over half of Kristen Stewart's $28.5 million in takings at the end of 2010, making The Twilight Saga actress a hot ticket.

Reportedly earning $75 million for Mission Impossible 2, Tom Cruise has had a career low point after the Oprah incident, but recently recovered somewhat with Knight and Day co-starring Cameron Diaz. Critics were quick to brand Cruise's recovery as Impossible, but knowing his personal mission, the irony is cinematic.

The Mission Impossible actor might not be on Vanity Fair's top 20 Hollywood earners this year, but the actor reportedly earned over $14 million for his latest outing in MI4.

Kristen Stewart was recently linked to portraying Snow White, however the film is in an early phase, so the Twilight Saga actress might have a while yet before she auditions, or is confirmed for the role.

Johnny Depp was the highest earning actor for 2010 raking in an estimated $100 million for several films including Alice in Wonderland and the Pirates movies.

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