Tom Cruise 'Knight and Day' surprises film industry

LOS ANGELES, USA - Facing criticism earlier this year for a lacklustre US box office performance, and receiving mixed reviews, Tom Cruise has proven once again that he has star power.

Not too long ago the film industry was already seeing the beginning of the end for Tom Cruise's appeal at the box office but with 'Knight and Day' earning $262.3 million worldwide is pretty amazing considering its summer failings in the US.

The action movie grossed under the $100 million figure studios are used to with Tom Cruise in the lead, but with people around the world still attending in huge numbers to see him in action, the anticipation grows for a much revived Cruise when MI 4 comes out.

Whilst The A-Team and Date Night were bigger box office successes, in total, it was Knight and Day that made the reckoning for Fox, and has proved to be its biggest hit in 2010 -

Tom Cruise filming Mission Impossible 4

Looking toward the horizon, Cruise is in Canada shooting scenes for his latest impossible mission, that took over Dubai last month with Cruise scouring top rising sky scrappers. The Mission Impossible franchise has been a trademark win for Tom Cruise, and reportedly earned over $75 million alone for his salary in MI2. Looking at that number today, it would just cover the US box office total gross.

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