Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol preview

If you are a fan of Tom Cruise movies, then Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is one you should add to your list.

After Tom Cruise made his come back to the Mission Impossible franchise, news was buzzing over whether he could deliver a death-defying stunt packed action movie fans demand. Well, after watching the first preview trailer for Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, the standard looks very high, and one to top the list of Tom Cruise movies we have seen these past few years.

From climbing sky scrappers in Dubai, to kicking butt in Canada, the Mission Impossible film set has taken many twists and turns, and with Brad Bird directing (The Incredibles) you can expect some superb visual splendor.

Not too long ago, Tom Cruise was deemed to be at a career low, as his co-starring role with Cameron Diaz in 'Knight And Day' didn't blow up the box office. In fact, the movie turned out to be quite a success and Tom Cruise looks set to make a massive, action packed comeback.

The script for 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' was written by both Tom Cruise and 'Star Trek' director J.J Abrams. MI4 stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Josh Holloway and Paula Patton and reportedly had a $140 million budget.

Are you ready to see Tom Cruise in action again?

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol trailer starring Tom Cruise

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