Justin Bieber breaks viewing record on Youtube

Singer Justin Bieber has reached an enormous milestone by becoming the first person to reach 3 billion views via their Youtube channel.

It's been just two years since the singer managed to smash through the 1 billion mark, but today's tally is an impressive victory for the young Canadian, who started his career from his bedroom. As he continues to evolve as an artist, so do his fans, and his latest music videos.

One of his recent hits "As long as you love me" marked a shift in Bieber's maturity, but his fans have kept with him, and there's only more good news to come.

His closest rival on Youtube is Rihanna, who currently has 200 million views less. These viewing numbers cement the young artist as the most powerful online celebrity.

We can now only expect him to continue his trek towards international fame...but how long will it be before he crosses the 5 billion mark?

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