Indie filmmaker Anthony Baxter takes on Donald Trump and wins

Over 450,000 people have now seen the indie crowdfunded film “You’ve been Trumped Too” despite a lawsuit threat from Trump Organization.

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter was warned not to air his documentary but defiantly refused to cave in. “You’ve been Trumped Too” reveals how a 92-year-old Scottish widow has had no running water in her property for 5 years since builders on Trump’s golf course damaged the pipes nearby. According to the film, she hasn’t been reconnected but a letter from Team Trump disputes this claim.

The film went live and was initially viewed over 200,000 times. It has now accumulated nearly 500,000 views thanks to more public interest about the film’s subject ahead of the election.

Baxter thanked the viewers for tuning in to support the project and will be showing the film again on Facebook for those who missed it.

With Trump and Clinton heading to the polls, we await to see the result of this year’s race. The question now is will this documentary get an even larger distribution or will it face additional legal hurdles?

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