Donald Trump may have to sue Facebook to stop this documentary

A new and potentially damaging documentary on Donald Trump is set to air on Facebook this Thursday despite the threat of a lawsuit against the filmmakers and anyone who shows it.

“You’ve Been Trumped Too” is a crowdfunded documentary by Montrose Pictures that reveals how the construction of Trump’s new golf course in Scotland caused a local 92-year-old widow to lose access to drinking water. In the film, it is alleged that Molly Forbes and her son have had no access to water after their pipes were accidentally cut. For the past 5 years, they have been using a wheelbarrow to fetch water from a nearby well.

The film, a sequel to the 2011 documentary “You’ve Been Trumped” also highlights how Trump had promised that up to 6000 new jobs would be created in Scotland during the construction of the new golf course, but in reality, this number was closer to 100.

Trump International Golf Links responded to the film stating that it was raising “highly defamatory claims.” In a press release issued on October 27, the company also said that they had rectified the issue with the water supply “within a few days.”

Timed to coincide with the US election on November 8, “You’ve Been Trumped Too” shows how Trump’s new golf course affected local residents. The film’s director, Anthony Baxter, also points out in a recent interview with Fortune, how the project damaged the local coastline. The filmmaker is also critical of the Scottish government for allowing the golf course to go ahead.

It is unclear whether there is a legal basis to prevent Facebook from allowing the documentary to be broadcast but it would create a new precedent that may affect live streaming and content creators on the social network in the future.

In a defiant message, the film’s director thanked his supporters this week and asked that people tune in to see it for free on Facebook at 8pm EST on Thursday.

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