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Gregg Allman sues 'Midnight Rider' production, claims $9000 payment

Gregg Allman put additional pressure on the film producers of 'Midnight Rider' this week as he filed a lawsuit to claim back $9000 in fees.

According to several reports, the lawsuit also claims that the producers did not adhere to two points of the contract and that principal photography started after the the agreed production window.

Without a doubt this year's most talked about production, 'Midnight Rider' has been plagued with problems since the tragic death of crew member Sarah Jones back in February. Over 70,000 people have since joined a group on Facebook in her honor called 'Slates for Sarah', featuring production stills and slates of support from across the film industry.

When word got out that William Hurt pulled out of the production, another group emerged asking Gregg Allman to back out. He then sent a letter begging producers to halt the film. Unions then got very public about the production that was set to shoot in June over in Los Angeles. Every detail was to be scrutinized, and every precaution taken to ensure no on-set causalities occur.

However the damage has been done. There is very little the producers can do to shake off the anger from the film industry of the tragedy in Georgia.

Allman's lawsuit will add more pressure on the production to stop altogether. It is not clear whether this will be the case, but the appetite for seeing this film being completed disappeared long ago.

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