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Gregg Allman letter is a disaster for 'Midnight Rider'

Recent events have made the likeliness of 'Midnight Rider' being a commercial success extremely unlikely at this point in time.

Producers of the film have scheduled a shoot in Los Angeles to recommence production in June but face multiple campaigns against it.

William Hurt left the production this week while Gregg Allman delivered a passionate plea to the director not to make the film.

Without Allman's support for the movie, it will be very difficult to market 'Midnight Rider' positively in the media given that his letter will be interpreted as a rejection of its merit.

In addition, the unanimous opposition to the current production will mean that this will likely translate into a boycott of the film once it comes out and again, that will have negative repercussions for those promoting it.

Evidently there is a lot of anger over the death of Sarah Jones and the film's continued production is a big statement to that terrible event.

The general mood is that the production needs to be shut down. It's a painful reality for the producers, but perhaps even more for those who worked on it because ultimately they may be judged as well when it comes out.

Can 'Midnight Rider' be saved? Perhaps, but for now, the issue of what happened leading up to the tragic death of Sarah Jones needs to be resolved. The conclusion of a national investigation may be the right first step towards that.

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