Going viral : Star Trek Captain Picard 'Let it Snow' remix


The cool Star Trek Christmas track

Video editor James Covenant has released a Christmas song featuring the cast of 'Star Trek : The Next Generation'.

After just one day, the Star Trek Christmas video has been seen more than 200,000 times and is currently making its way up the video charts. With some clever editing, a cheesy soundtrack, and impeccable timing, 'Let it Snow' introduces us to a remixed episode of 'Star Trek The Next Generation' with various cast members delivering short, sharp one liners.

Let it Snow Star Trek video

From Picard's commands to Geordi La Forge's opinions, each member of the crew makes up part of the song. The editing is noteworthy, and finding the right lines from various episodes to make the song work, is also commendable. There is even a reference to the cult 'face palm' moment between Data and Picard.

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The Epic double Facepalm

For Trekkies, this is Christmas Gold!

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