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Filmmakers face 10 years in prison for Sarah Jones' death

The ongoing criminal investigation into 'Midnight Rider' has reached yet another climax, with filmmakers being formally charged for the involuntary manslaughter of Sarah Jones.

According to a report in Variety, The film's director, Randall Miller along with the producers of 'Midnight Rider' have also been charged and could face a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

The parents of Sarah Jones had filed a lawsuit against the filmmakers and musican Gregg Allman, following the death of their daugther, who died tragically on the film's set when an oncoming train hit the camera crew.

Randall Miller had earlier stated the he did not visit the location prior to filming the scene according to multiple reports and had spent considerable time planning the dream sequence which was filmed on the tracks.

The owners of Unclaimed Freight Productions are also being charged with criminal trespassing.

Just this past week a PSA video was released honoring Sarah Jones, with many notable filmmakers, cast and crew participating in the project:

Sarah Jones PSA Video

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