'Midnight Rider' director didn't go to location before shooting

'Midnight Rider' director Randall Miller has admitted that he didn't go to the location where Sarah Jones was killed by an oncoming train.

According to The Guardian, Randall Miller defended himself in court in Savannah when asked whether he had taken enough precautions before Sarah Jones' death.

The director didn't obtain a permission from the railway operator because that was not his job although he had been informed that they had permission to shoot on the land. He then admitted that the location had been chosen just a week before they would shoot, and that he hadn't seen it beforehand.

The admission comes as a surprise as film directors normally visit locations with their scouts before they intend to shoot a scene.

Miller defended himself saying that "I was in the middle of the track and I almost died."

It is not clear why the director didn't visit the tracks before the shooting day as suggested in the report, but Miller explained that he went through the scene with Allman for 4 and a half hours.

Gregg Allman recently requested that the film be halted and subsequently sued the producers of the film. The two parties reached an out-of court settlement earlier in the week.

The investigation is still underway.

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