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File sharer faces up to $150k fine for Star Wars 7 image leak

Lucasfilm is taking legal action against an individual who leaked an image from Star Wars 7 and uploaded it to the file sharing service ImageShack.

An ImageShack user called 'Darth-Simi' is alleged to have uploaded the file and infringed on the copyright of Lucasfilm and trademarked properties.

The DMCA subpoena was filed to identify the infringer or individuals behind the unauthorized leak with a declaration from the Director of IT at Lucasfilm stating his responsibility for, "monitoring and addressing infringement of copyright."

The production of 'Star Wars : The Force Awakens' has been shrouded in secrecy despite several leaks in the past months revealing potential plot lines and characters.

Disney's legal team initially sent the request to ImageShack on January 30th, and identified the file under the heading 'Star Wars Episode VII Costume Design and Photograph'.

ImageShack has since removed the identified image from their servers which had been viewed over 6000 times according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Star Wars 7 will be released this December and will bring back original cast members from the franchise including actors Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. The film is expected to net Disney billions in Star Wars merchandising revenue in the coming years along with a substantial return at the box office.

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