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Star Wars 7 plot leak is a total betrayal

It is unclear whether the Star Wars 7 plot leak is real or a rumor generated for some other purpose, but if found to be true, it would represent the biggest betrayal.

The production details of the new Star Wars film have been kept away from the media spotlight and the cast and crew have also avoided talking about the movie in any detail. It's one of those sacred things when you make a film, you don't want to jeapordize the whole process by revealing too many details.

When J.J. Abrams shot his latest video at Pinewood, we got a feel for the X-Wing but that didn't tell us a whole lot, and still it was interesting. When in-depth information from a production becomes public, it's bound to go viral pretty quickly and massively spoil the surprise of the movie when it comes out.

In this case, if these details are true, it has. Many papers are talking about it, looking at what it means and fans are also obviously going to come across it.

Why make this leak happen? What purpose does that serve the production? It's really sad to see that someone would want to undermine one of the most hyped films in motion picture history.

In addition to that, what does that say about the intentions of people? If someone is willing to leak something, they shouldn't be part of that production, or work in this industry. There are certain rules to abide to, and being loyal to a film when you work on it goes without saying.

I hope that this is nothing more than misdirected hype, but I'd be very upset if I was working on this film to know that one of the cast or crew leaked the movie's plot for some higher purpose. What a betrayal that would be.

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