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Fact Not Fiction Films short form documentary film ‘Aerotoxic’ to be voiced over by legendary actress Marina Sirtis


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Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their forthcoming short form documentary film ‘Aerotoxic’ will be voiced over by actress Marina Sirtis.

‘Aerotoxic’ is a short form documentary in production that will explore and reveal what the aerospace industry knows about the contaminated air issue and how long they have been aware of it. An issue few passengers know much about as its not mentioned in the in-flight magazine or pre-flight safety briefing. An issue, which has led to crews being impaired, and incapacitated in-flight from exposure to contaminated air on aircraft. This occurs because most passenger jet aircraft provide the crew and passengers with a breathing air supply taken directly from the compression section of the engines. This air supply known as ‘bleed air’ is not filtered and is known to become contaminated with heated engine oils and hydraulic fluids.

‘Aerotoxic’ follows closely behind their two other recent documentaries, ‘Everybody Flies’ (2019) which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival and ‘American 965’, which was completed on 1 January 2021 - highlighting the contaminated air issue on aircraft.

Marina Sirtis, who is represented by Grantham Hazeldine, has previously worked with Fact Not Fiction Films on a number of projects including the documentaries ‘Angel Without Wings’ and ‘Little Victorian Secrets’ that were both released in 2010 as well as the feature films '31 North 62 East' (2009) and 'A Dark Reflection' (2015). The later being a feature film on the contaminated air issue where she played the wife of an airline chief executive, Maggie Jaspar.

Producer Tristan Loraine said: “We are very excited to have Marina on board to voice over the documentary. We have worked with her so many times before and what makes her so unique is that she has a great voice and she cares. Whilst some actors might choose to shy away from public interest issues, Marina is not shy about supporting a project that seeks to make air travel safer for everyone who flies.”

Tristan Loraine, who is a former British Airways Captain, had to retire following ill health as a consequence of repeated exposure to contaminated air on aircraft. He set up his own production banner ‘Fact Not Fiction Films’ in 2006, which has produced a number of award-winning films including the critically acclaimed ‘Everybody Flies’ documentary that shed light on the problem of toxic fumes in modern day aircraft, and the subsequent impact on public health. The film is also a contender for the 2021 BAFTAs and Academy Awards.

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