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Documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ world premiere today at the Raindance Film Festival


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‘Everybody Flies’ will receive its world premiere today at the Raindance Film Festival in the UK, revealing the uncovered story behind the air we breathe on airplanes.

The documentary will be shown at the London Vue cinema in Piccadilly with a red carpet event followed by a screening, attended by cast, crew and special guests.

The film took 4 years to make, and brings together 18 years of research collected by former airline Captain Tristan Loraine.

Produced by Fact Not Fiction Films and directed by Beth Moran and Tristan Loraine, the film uncovers the dangers of cabin air, and highlights how toxins can end up in the air supply we breathe during a flight.

In the film, Captain Tristan Loraine also reveals never-before-seen documentation along with scientific evidence and findings surrounding the controversial issue of cabin air quality.

A number of testimonials and personal accounts from people affected by cabin air also feature in the documentary, which is highly controversial given its implications for flyers and the wider airline industry. The documentary also shows incidents where toxic fumes and smoke have flooded a plane's cabin with eye witness accounts recording the impact on video.

Everybody Flies trailer

'Everybody Flies' seeks to raise awareness of toxic fumes during flights so that the airline industry can look at ways to improve air quality, while ensuring passengers and crew are safe. The screening of the film will take place from 6.45pm today.

To learn more about the film, discover the official website here, or book a ticket to see the public screening of the documentary tomorrow on September 25 at 1.45pm.

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