Eminem breaks social media record on Facebook

Eminem gets new online record

It’s official, Eminem has passed the 60 million fans milestone on Facebook making him the first person in history to do so.

We’ve seen the worldwide success of major movie stars, athletes and musicians, but none have been able to match Eminem’s global fan base size. With over 60 million users now connected to Eminem’s main fan page on Facebook, the American rapper now commands a nation bigger than England’s population.

To put it in perspective Eminem at present has 15 million more subscribers than web favourite Justin Bieber on Facebook. He also outpaces Lady Gaga who has 52 million fans and movie stars like Will Smith and Vin Diesel who have 33 milllion fans each.

It's a phenomenal achievement for an artist to attain such a following, particularly as we see now how saturated social media is. There's so much choice when it comes to opting in on a fan page, but Eminem's global fan base and world renowned career makes him a highly visible celebrity in the social space. His lyrics, his music and his artistry is a topic of big debate and this is one of many channels proving that. Thanks to his fans he is officially the first person ever to cross the 60 million mark on Facebook.

Can we expect Eminem fans to boost his page to 70 or 80 million? Maybe one day...

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