'Ducky Dynasty' family to sell weapons to you

That's right folks. The lucrative 'Duck Dynasty' family business is expanding, and they want you to buy their semi-automatic weapons to "kill ducks".

Gunmaker Mossberg is about to make a killing after it teamed up with Duck Commander to sell shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic pistols.

The Robertson Family, that recently got reinstated to 'Duck Dynasty' is going to help market the guns, that will also come with a military style camouflage pattern according to CNN.

The tagline for the weapons on the official Mossberg website goes as follows:

"Do you know what makes me happy ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake's head smooth off."

Unfortunately, recent history has shown how weapons intended for legitimate use like duck hunting have been acquired by people who have attacked and killed innocent bystanders.

Duck Killing ad

The announcement of the Mossberg - Duck Commander team up may prove to be a difficult for A&E to balance with more liberal TV viewers. In fact, some may find the team up between the two companies as a way to re-ignite some criticism of the Robertson family, particularly as we've seen some horrific massacres in recent times used with semi-automatic weapons.

How will people react to this?

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