Dramatic surprise video surpasses 30 million views

A Dramatic Surprise Video

A Belgian TNT cable channel recently launched a video on youtube called 'A Dramatic Surprise on a quiet square'. Since it was uploaded it has became one of the most viral sensations we have ever seen.

The concept of the video draws the viewer into the intrigue, as the introduction sets the scene, with an 'epic' soundtrack, a gameshow style button, and a comedic 'push to add drama' arrow. After a cyclist hits the red button in the middle of the quiet square, the energy of the short turns into a Jerry Bruckheimer production. It's one big over the top, non-stop adrenaline filled live performance that pushes the surprise barrier way past what anyone was expecting.

After just 2 weeks on youtube the video has attained more than 30 million views, and is likely to be one of the most viral videos of all time.

Analysis. Why was it so successful?

The introduction of the short video gives us an anticipation of something big, and perhaps funny, as the credits give us a hint to the style of the video. Everything is set in motion, and the viewer is invested in this odd, but amusing setting. On top of that, being set in a small town in Belgium, in this unusually 'uninteresting setting', it's even more funny, so we're hoping for something 'dramatic'.

What happens next is very entertaining, and just so over the top, that people want to share it. It's the concept and the surprise that makes you think "this is so silly and cool I want my friends to see it."

A Dramatic surprise on a Quiet Square Video

What do you think? Why did you share this video? Did you enjoy it?

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